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everybody loves a good ghost story

-- except when it sucks

take five: a multi-fandom ficathon
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Welcome to the Take Five Ficathon.

What we hope to do here is have lots of fic for five different fandoms, and those fandoms are: House, Supernatural, Bones, The Black Donnellys, and The Office. We decided to undertake this because, well, running ficathons is fun, and we hope to have a lot of good fic as a result of it. There are no rules when it comes to pairing or genre, and you can choose which fandom to write in; all we ask is that you stick to your given prompt, and keep the fic over 1000 words. Prompts will be either in the form of a single word (the definition of which will be your choice), or a picture.

Before signing up, make sure you read the following:

  • rules post
  • important dates
  • fandom information
  • available betas
  • master fic list

    When you're ready, the sign up post is here.

    DISCLAIMER: Credit for all images used as prompts goes to DeviantArt, Google, Getty Images, and Picsearch. No profit is being made-- they're just being used as writing prompts. Please don't sue. Thanks.